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Interview to understand your business and focus keywords


Analysis of your keywords on your website


Result and suggestion of target keywords for your website


All keywords analysed in Google Planner

We will analyse a minimum of 30 phrases and it will show how many people are actually searching with those keywords in a Google search.


Suggested words for your website to rank higher in a relevant search

You might be using keyword phrases that are not used at all in Google searches?

Make sure you are using the right keywords / keywords phrases on your website.

SEO keyword analysis and strategy for better Google ranking $175

Read more about this and why this needs to be done before you spend time/effort and money on the next step of SEO.

This is the process and how it works

seo for small businesses

Your business and focus keywords:

Your website is optimised for the keywords “Plumbing Services Adelaide” and is found in your text/copy by Google in 1 place on your website.

seo for small businesses

Your website is not found in Google:

The competition is extremely hard and your website does not come up on the first 5 pages in a Google search.

seo for small businesses

Are there better keywords to focus on?

A person might not always be searching with the keywords “bumbling services Adelaide” but instead maybe “help fix a tap that only drips plumber adelaide“.

seo for small businesses

Rank better with a unique keywords phrase:

Change a few places in the website with focus keywords “help fix a tap that only drips plumber adelaide” and you can rank high in Google for that particular phrase and reach your actual target customer.

Are you using the right keywords in the right areas, so Google and the search engines can display you fairly in a search? No1 website SEO!

website seo analysis

Your website in the eyes of the search engines

Your website is quickly crawled by the search engine and it is looking in certain areas, with certain codes to understand

  • what your website is about
  • what you are offering
  • who you are targeting
  • where is your target audience


Let us explain what we would do for you and your website

seo for small businesses

45 minute phone / skype interview with Business Strategist and Content Creator

Maree will work with you to get down to the core of the problem/s that your business solve for your customers and exactly who your target market/s are.

seo keywords google planner

Excel sheet of target keywords

Maree will put together the target keywords you are using today. She will also put together a list and keywords she would suggest that you might benefit from to include on your website, new keyword phrases that are not yet included on your website, but that are the right keywords the general public is using in a Google search.

seo for small businesses

Google Planner

Jarka, web designer and SEO advisor, will test all the keywords in Google planner and see how many are searching with those words per month/year in your target area.  You will see the difference of what you are using today, and what you could benefit from including on your website.

seo for small businesses

The result will give a clearer picture

The result of that analysis, will show us and you, if you are maybe focusing on keyword phrases that no one is using in a Google search today. The result will also show what phrases you should focus on instead or make sure you include in your website. You will receive a conclusion and suggestion of what keywords you should use.

Example of a test for a website and its content

How many times can Google see your keywords in the important areas?

How often does someone put those words in a Google search?

How often does someone put closer related keywords in a Google search?

How often do you have those keywords on your website?

No website yet?

Are you about to start writing text/content for your website? This SEO package is just as important for you! Include the right keywords on your website from start!

Contact us now about this package deal

Are you still confused and not sure of what SEO is and how this all works? Let us put it in other words and see if that makes better sense.

Does hearing or seeing the words SEO cause you to break out in a sweat and groan at the thought of trying to understand exactly what it means?

Meaning of SEO

In geek speak SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

Meaning of SEO

In non-geek speak, SEO means when a customer or client types into Google what their problem is, for which your business has the solution/s, then you want your business website to come up high (ideally in first place!) in the search engine results.

SEO has a number of different aspects to it, from the size of the headings on each of your web pages through to including Google Maps on the contact page of your website.

Keywords and Keyword Phrases

First page of the search results

Keyword Phrases

One of the most important parts of SEO is the WORDS you use on your website. You need to use words that your prospective customer or client is going to type into Google when they are looking for a solution to their problem.

Google Search Results

Say for example, Jodie goes to turn her taps on in the kitchen and there is only a drip. First thing Jodie does (well perhaps not necessarily the first!) is grab her electronic device (which is likely to be a iphone or tablet) and she might type in a phrase such as “help fix a tap that only drips plumber adelaide.” Now if Jules Plumbing has that keyword phrase or a combination of those keywords on their website, then their website is likely to pop up near the very top on the first page of the search results.

What words should I use on my business Website?

This is a question we get asked many times at Website Adelaide by our clients. It is really important to ascertain what your KEYWORDS and KEYWORD PHRASES are for your business. This is not a 2 minute task and you will be surprised that what you may initially think your customers/clients would type in for a search, may not be so!

Google Keyword Planner Tool

For instance, you may make and sell children’s clothing that you sell at very economical prices. You sell at these prices because you believe the family budget shouldn’t be blown by high spending on clothing. What words do you think your potential customer might type into the google?  Perhaps cheap childrens clothing? Using the Google Keyword Planner Tool this result returns 110 hits in the last month using that phrase, but when you type in the words cheap kids clothing the number of hits increases to 590 per month.

Most people will only use short phrases or at most 2 to 3 keywords when searching for a solution to their problem. Those words can often be a shortened version or slang in nature; As in the above example, where the word kids returns more hits than the word children.

Carefully consider what words or phrases to use

Let’s take another example. A new photographer in the market wants to niche themselves as a business that is very professional and serves higher end clients who need a portfolio of their design work. The business owner uses in their website content the words Professional Photographer. However, the Google Keyword Planner Tool returns a very low hit rate for this phrase. Again this serves as a reminder to us as business owners. We need to put ourselves in the shoes of those who will have the problem we can solve and carefully consider what words or phrases they may use.

Business Strategist and Content Creator

A 45 minute phone or skype interview with Maree Cutler-Naroba, Business Strategist and Content Creator at In this time Maree will work with you to get down to the core of the problem/s that your business solve for its customers and clients and exactly who your target market/s are.

This interview information is then combined with the Google Keyword Planner Tool.

Analysing keywords and keyword phrases

Jarka Vagner Svensson, SEO Wizard at will work her magic in analysing what keywords and keyword phrases would be helpful in getting your website on to the first page of search results in Google. You will be emailed a results spreadsheet showing a minimum of 30 keyword phrases.


To top off the package, Content Creator Wizard, Maree will use the results to write a couple of paragraphs using the keyword phrases. These paragraphs can be used by you as the business owner on your website or as examples that you develop further to use on your website.




seo for small websites

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